11 Going-Out Outfits to wear this weekend

Whether you’re looking for something sexy or comfortable, your inspiration has come.
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Welcome to the other side of 2021, where the outing (in most places across the U.S.) is finally socially and securely appropriate (just have those vaccination cards ready). We’ve waited more than a year to wipe any and all the cool weather stuff out of our closets without sweating, but even, the pandemic has left many of us struggling to shake off our attachment to everything comfortable and pleasant. Coordinating outfits that go out together – and then wearing them throughout an event – now feels harder than ever.

11 Going-Out Outfits to Wear This Weekend

If you’re not sure how to dress for specific occasions, such as date dinners and bottomless parties, you’re not alone. We’ve been out of the game for so long that naturally wearing the perfect outing outfit will take a bit of practice time. It will also take a lot of hours to review social media for inspiration – if, of course, if we haven’t done it for you yet.

Below, we’ve compiled some simple yet still very stylish outing dress ideas, backed by our favorite Instagram fashion influencers.

Vest sweater
Models like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Kaia Gerber wore sweaters and suits that fit as the perfect transition from summer to fall. Pair the knit sweater with mom jeans or wide-legged trousers for a cute but casual look, and polish it by bunting your hair up in a tong. When the weather gets cold, wear a vest over a button-down shirt or turtleneck.

One shoulder
The off-the-shoulder shirt is one of the most versatile items you can add to your closet. Not only are they the perfect transition product for summer to fall, but they are also year-round staples. A one-shoulder bodysuit will not only help you get a fit shape, but it’s also the ultimate platform item and can be paired with flared denim, mini skirts, or trousers, with a blazer in place of traditional outerwear.

Animal footprints
Fashion staples from the 90s are making a comeback and animal print is one of the alternative age trends that is slowly passing – and we mean all kinds of animal prints. For the upcoming season, celebrity stylist and confirmed partner Tara Swennen told InStyle that combining a bold animal motif with another monochrome ensemble will help really make a statement.

A colorful combination
There is a variety of colors, and then the color from head to toe. Co-ords make the latter seamless and achievable. Choose your favorite shade and stick to it throughout your outfit (accessories and all) or choose neutral-colored footwear and minimal jewelry.

For anyone who isn’t ready (or plans to boycott forever) denim, legging, and almost any and all types of tights, trousers are the answer. These stylish trousers are very comfortable and suitable for office attire. They can also be worn up or down with high heels or sneakers, a fit jacket, or cropped T-shirt; Wherever you are, the trousers not only understand the task, but they also beat it.

Slit pants, tuxedo pants – whatever you want to call them, these bottom pants are forming the contours of our fall wardrobe (and we’re here for it). Basically, they’re upgraded versions of black pants or leggings: comfortable, multifaceted, and non-seasonal, so they’ll have a place in your outing costume rotation all year round.

A Graphic Tee
Normal outings like running errands or just having lunch with a friend, call for casual outing outfits. Entering tee graphics, another hot trend of the ’90s is creeping into our wardrobe in 2021. Dust the life of your favorite band or toss on a classic collection, then experiment with the pair. You can wear it with skinny jeans and high heels or tuck half an oversized patterned T-shirt into a pair of jogging pants before completing the look with running sneakers.

An oversized jacket.
Here at InStyle, we firmly believe that you can never go wrong with an oversized blazer. Throw a patterned number (we like Ramy Brook’s number) over white T-shirts and jeans for a classic look, or ditch the bra and wear it like a dress with combat boots (buy this writer’s favorite pair here) or wear an off-the-knee option. The addition of laminated necklaces will complete the look. You can also rekindle the cozy vibe in this two-string blazer with a pre-installed hoodie from express if you want to appear in a formal outfit but feel casually dressed.

Grid details
A net is always an interesting option for a date night. But in addition to its appeal, this material is also very suitable for cool summer nights. When the weather gets cool, grab a felt jacket when going out the door in case you need to warm your shoulders. A mesh turtleneck, like this one from the White House Black Market, also makes for a great layered item. Style it under an oversized T-shirt for a cool but comfortable look.

A floral maxi dress
Just like blazers, maxi dresses are never a bad choice when deciding on outing outfits. They are a complete suit in one, comfortable enough to relax after last night, and, depending on your preference, can dress well or down with the right accessories (think high heels tied against flat shoes, elegant necklaces, and chunky bracelets, so on.).

Anything plaid
As we enter autumn and winter, plaid will definitely become a guest in your wardrobe. But often when we think of checkered motifs, it is in the form of a button – something creepy or peasant aesthetic. However, there are alternative ways to mix plaid into your outing outfit, such as a gingham jacket or jacket that is usually designed to fit better, as well as plaid pants, which stand out a bit more than jeans.

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