16 plaid dresses you’ll want to copy as soon as possible

The favorite fashion staple of autumn is back. At some point in the past year, we’ve found another nostalgic item creeping back into our closet. Plaid skirts – both short, pleated, and long, floaty styles – appeared everywhere, inspiring us to get a bit preppy. With social media as our guide, we feel the urge for them to style with socks, loafers, and sweaters, creating a look that nails both school and academic trends lightly.

16 Plaid Skirt Outfits You'll Want to Copy ASAP
16 Plaid Skirt Outfits You’ll Want to Copy ASAP

Now, as autumn approaches again, we’d love to try out more plaid dress ideas. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of inspiration there, as this work is extremely versatile. Whether you’re someone who likes classics or doesn’t like experimenting with new ways to dress old, you’ll find a lot of looks worth trying, ahead.

Schoolcore Way
Add a T-shirt, Chun socks, and a pair of sneakers or loafers and you’ve perfected your look.

With a jacket.
It’s a sleek multi-layered choice, but a pair of boots and necklaces will keep your look from being too worky.

Inspired by Grunge
Go ahead and launch that patterned T-shirt, camo jacket, and combat boots for a fun combination.

It’s part of a set.
You can even spice up a suit by adding a plaid button-down in a similar color scheme, testing the 3-piece dress trend of fall 2021.

With a high-necked shirt.
When in doubt, this simple shirt option looks very cute.

With a top graphic
If your plaid dress is structured, this choice of style will help it become more casual and comfortable.

With a polo.
The traditional two pieces of preppy make for the perfect pairing.

Mix prints
While plaid dresses tend to feel classic and traditional, adding a patterned printed dress will turn your look into something unexpected and playful.

Finish with some sneakers.
The more outrageous and colorful, the better.

Even if it doesn’t fit correctly, styling dresses with shirts, shoes, and accessories in the same them or similar colors will create a truly striking outfit.

Get out of your comfort zone and combine parts that feel like opposites. It’s a trick Patricia Field relies on when dreaming of iconic outfits for both Carrie Bradshaw and Emily in Paris.

With a sweater.
Even if you’re trading jeans and jogging pants for a plaid dress, you don’t need to give up all your comfortable clothes. This baby also paired perfectly with a solid hoodie and chunky boots.

With a suit.
One item must be available for 2021.

The style for cold days
A plai maxi dress will look like a blanket for your legs, while longer boots will provide a little extra warmth. Complete the look with a leather jacket.

Multiple layers on the pants
Well, this Y2K trend is back and there’s no better time to experiment.

Paired with featured pieces
A leather jacket, flat shoes – adding jackets like this will help the plaid skirt combo and T-shirt really stand out.

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