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2 Ways on How to Export Bookmarks in Chrome

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Exporting bookmarks can seem tough. But, it’s actually easy with the enhanced versions of Google Chrome. Primarily, you can go with the task by two ways.

  1. Export the bookmarks into an HTML file. You can tag this way as ‘taking a backup for offline purposes’.
  2. Enable the sync feature with the help of your Google Account.

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Step to Follow while Exporting Google Chrome Bookmarks

Step 1: First and foremost, open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click on ‘Menu’ denoted by three dots at the uppermost right hand side corner.

Step 3: Select ‘Bookmark’ followed by the sub menu, ‘Bookmark Manager’.

Bookmark Manager

Alternatively, you can directly go to the manager by pressing the shortcut keys,’ CTRL+SHIFT+O’.

Step 4: Click on ‘Organize’, a section that’s adjacent to ‘Folders’.


Step 5: Right below the drop down menu, Click ‘Export Bookmarks to HTML File’.

Step 6: Determine the destination where you want to store the bookmarks and then click ‘Save’.

Now, since the required information is stored at one place. You can transfer the bookmarks to any other device. Make sure that Google Chrome browser is installed on the system.

On the other hand, you can merely open the HTML file and access the bookmarks. The file keeps the bookmarks in the earlier locations because the folders are maintained in the same way as they previously were.

Steps to Follow for Enabling Sync in Chrome

As compared to the first way mentioned above, you can conveniently use the sync option in Google Chrome when you are bothered about how to export Google Chrome bookmarks. Under the same Google account, browsing history, themes, passwords, etc. also get transferred to other devices.

Step 1: With the help of your Gmail credentials, log in to your account. It automatically loads the information that has been stored on Google’s cloud based server.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Advanced sync Settings’.

Step 3: Once the window pops up, click ‘Sync everything’ from the drop down menu.

Step 4: Select what needs to be synced by clicking ‘Choose what to sync’.

To conclude, if you have anything to add related on how to export Chrome bookmarks, don’t hesitate to drop your ideas.


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