3-in-1 Philosophy Silent Night Shower Gel Review, Pictures, Samples

Shower Gel 3 in 1 Philosophy Silent Night ($16.00 for 0.16 oz.) Is a multipurpose product that smells of earth lavender (shower gel, shampoo or bubble bath gel). It really smells like… good, lavender. If you are used to the smell of lavender sweeter, more vanilla, you may find this smell too earthy. I love lavender and it’s one of my favorite scents to use before bed, so it’s great to shower at night.

Philosophy Silent Night 3-in-1 Shower Gel Review, Photos, Swatches

Philosophy shower gels are one of my personal favorite shower gels, as they come in a variety of scents, with new scents each season. They foam well and leave the skin clean without stretching or dryness. I wouldn’t call this a moisturizing shower gel nor let their scent linger. If you prefer shower gel that leaves a lasting scent, then these won’t be for you, but if you like to enjoy the scent while bathing but don’t want it to stay longer then this is the perfect choice. (I’m the second type!) I don’t see them foaming well in the hair and they have a hair cleansing effect, but I prefer many shampoos other than this one. However, it also works as well as a bubble bath – a bit can also go a long way.

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