5 Proven Fixes to “Google Chrome Not Responding” Error

5 Proven Fixes to “Google Chrome Not Responding” Error

Does your Google Chrome not responding or crashing all the time? If yes, then you should try one of these five solutions to fix this Chrome browser error.

Google Chrome Not Responding Error Fixed

You don’t need any technical expertise to try these fixes, as these are very easy and will take only few minutes.

Typical errors that can cause Google Chrome to crash include the likes of the installation for this program not being correct, or your system having some sort of error that is preventing it from being able to correctly read the settings it needs to run Chrome.

In this guide, I will let you know that why your Google Chrome is not working properly and will also give you 100% working solutions to fix the error.

Let’s dive into more details…

Why Does Google Chrome Keep Not Responding?

There could be several reasons that may prevent Google Chrome working properly on your windows PC (7,8,10). It includes

  1. You’re using an old Google Chrome version
  2. There could be a malware issue
  3. Registry errors
  4. Some extensions may also make Chrome unstable
  5. Wrong selection of setting options

No matter what causing Google Chrome keep not responding, below are must try troubleshoots to fix chrome browser hassle.

Let’s check them one by one…

100% Working Methods to Fix “Google Chrome Not Responding” Error (Windows 7,8,10)

Actually, you don’t need to try all these solutions to make Chrome browser work correctly. Instead, just try one of these which you might suspect as the responsible cause and see if it will work or not, if not, then you can try another way.

Lets dive in deep to dig out how to execute these steps successfully.

1) Try Clearing Cache and Cookies

Cache and Cookies are temporary files stored to speed up the webpage loading. However, if you are not used to clear it on timely manner then too much files will be saved which may cause Google Chrome not responding problem.

Here are the steps to clear cache and cookies –

Step 1

Open the Chrome browser and click on the three vertical dotted menu showing in the top right corner.

Step 2

Scroll down to More tools and select Clear browsing data… or simply you can access it using short key Ctrl+Shift+Del

Clear Browsing Data in Chrome
Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

Step 3

In the next screen, you will be asked to select the time range. Select whatever is suitable to you and hit the Clear Data button. In few seconds, your browser’s cache and cookies will be cleared.

Time Range
Time Range

That’s it! It should fix the Google Chrome not responding issue.

If still the issue persists then try the next solution.

2) Empty Temp Folder

Temp stands for Temporary Files. Temp is a folder located in the Windows directory. It contains temporary downloaded data, Internet cache contents, setup extracted files, and so on.

Failure to load Internet cache files cause this problem. Delete all files, sub folders in this directory to get rid of this problem. It works as a good Chrome Patch.

Here’s how you can delete temp folder data –

Step 1

Open the temp folder. You can do it two ways either by simply typing %temp% in the windows search bar and it will show you the temp folder or go to C drive > Users > Admin > AppData > Local > Temp.

Select all temp files and right click and click on the Delete option. It will clear the Temp folder.

Now, check the Chrome browser and see if the not responding issue is fixed or not.

If yes, then great and if not then move on to the next fix.

3) Remove Extensions

Extensions are known as Plug-Ins/ Browser Add-Ons. These are small items associated with your web browser.

Some third party extensions are known to disturb the normal functioning process of the Chrome browser which may some time make the Chrome not responding all the time.

To fix the issue, try to disable extensions one by one to check which one is causing the problem. You can also remove all extensions altogether if they are no longer in use.

Here are the steps to remove extensions from Google Chrome browser –

Step 1

Click on the Wrench Icon (Vertical dotted menu) in the top right corner.

Step 2

Go to More Tools and Select Extensions option.

Access Extensions in Chrome Browser
Access Extensions in Chrome Browser

Step 3

In the next screen, you will see all the Chrome extensions you have installed. To remove suspicious extension, click on the Remove button and you’re done.

Remove Google Chrome Extension
Remove Google Chrome Extension

Make sure that you check the behaviour of the Google Chrome browser after removing each extension. It will help you to know that which add-on is actually causing the problem.

If still the Google Chrome not responding, try next method.


4) Turn Off Antivirus & Firewall Protections

Antivirus and Windows Firewall protections might be the issue sometime. Your problem can be associated with restricted Internet settings. Turn off your antivirus and firewall program as a Chrome Patch solution.

Here are the steps –

Turning Off Antivirus

Step 1

Right click your Antivirus Notification Bar icon.

Step 2

Select Real-Time Protection | Turn Off until Next Reboot.

Step 3

Click the Yes button to confirm.

Turning Off Firewall

Step 1

Click Start and go to Control Panel.

Step 2

Open System and Security and go to Windows Firewall option

Step 3

Click the top left hand side link to turn Windows Firewall On or Off.

Step 4

Turn off firewall and then click OK.

You are done. Check if the Chrome not responding problem resolved.

If not, then you can try this last solution to get rid of this Chrome browser glitch.

5) Update the Chrome Browser or Remove and Install the Browser Again

Sometimes working on older Google Chrome browser may cause not responding problem.

Check for the available updates and run it to get the latest version of the chrome browser.

If you are already running an up to date chrome browser then try to uninstall and install it again.

First uninstall the chrome browser and look for the latest Google Chrome version. Download it and install it in your windows 10, 8, or 7 PC.

Now, check if the problem is solved or not.

In most cases, following these methods will resolve “Google Chrome not responding” error.

If you are still facing the problem, then contact Chrome support team for further solutions.

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