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5 Ways on How to Download Pictures from iPhone (5/5s/6/6s/7/7s) to Laptop

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With the upgraded version of iPhones, capturing moments could just be the reason for making a purchase. But, less memory space might restrict you from taking photos. So, here are the different ways on how to download pictures from iPhone to laptop which can make transferring snaps from iPhone to laptop hassle free.


How to Download Pictures from iPhone to Laptop – Below are Five Ways you can Follow with Different iPhone Versions

How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone 5 / 5s to Laptop

Using  iTunes

As usual, when you connect the devices (in this case the laptop and the iPhone) iTunes simplifies the task of transferring data from iPhone 5 to the laptop.

#Step 1: Open iTunes after you have connected the devices with the cord.

#Step 2: Select the images you want to transfer along with the destination folder where the photos need to be stored. You can carry out this step from the panel, ‘Scanner and Camera Wizard’. This window pops up immediately once iTunes is launched.

#Step 3: Click ‘next’ to ensure that the photos are stored on the laptop.

Using  iTransfer

As compared with iTunes, iTransfer offers high speed when photos need to be transferred. Besides, it’s manageable only with iTransfer when you need to transfer images from one iPod to the other.

#Step 1: Download the windows version of iTransfer and install it on the system.

#Step 2: After opening the app, go to ‘Photos’ listed under ‘Library’.

#Step 3: Select the photos by pressing ‘CRTL + A’ or with the help of a mouse. Later, right click on the window and select ‘My Computer’ mentioned under ‘Transfer to’.


#Step 4: Select ‘Save to Folder’ followed by the ‘Transfer’ option. You can browse through the system and decide on the folder of your choice.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 6 / 6s to Laptop

Using AnyTrans

AnyTrans is an iOS file transfer app which enables you transfer digital content from an iPhone / iPad or iPod. The software works smoothly on computers and PCs running on Mac OS. Not only does it enable you to transfer photos from iPhone 6 / 6s but also into the communication device without any data loss. Follow the steps mentioned below while you think about photo transfers.

#Step 1: Post installation, open ‘AnyTrans’ and connect iPhone 6 / 6s to the laptop with a USB cable.

#Step 2: Once you are directed to the homepage, click ‘Photos’ and select the images from ‘Albums’, ‘Panoramas’, ‘Photo Share’, ‘Photo Library’, ‘Photo Stream’ and ‘Camera Roll’.

Anytrans Screen One

#Step 3: Later, as you view the images you select them accordingly and click the ‘To PC’ option present towards the right hand side.

Anytrans Screen 2

How to Upload Pictures from iPhone 7/ 7s to Laptop

When you think about transferring pictures from iPhone 7, then the methods vary depending on the operating system.

Tips For Windows 7 OS

#Step 1: Connect the communication device to the laptop by using a USB cable.

#Step 2: As soon as the’AutoPlay’ window pops up, on the laptop select ‘Import Pictures and videos’.

Autoplay Selection

#Step 3: With the help of mouse clicks, select the photos you need to transfer. Later click ‘Import’ and tag them if you wish to through the Tag these pictures’ option.

If you don’t see the ‘AutoPlay’ window, then right click on the device (recognized as a drive) followed by selecting ‘Import pictures and videos’.

Tips For Windows 8 OS

#Step 1: Establish the connection between the laptop and iPhone through a USB cable.

#Step 2: Launch the photo app and right click within the application.

#Step 3: Click ‘Import’ and select the drive / device recognized by the system.

#Step 4: The app automatically performs the task after searching those images which have never been imported before.

Bonus Tip

Yet another way of transferring snaps could be by using the Syncios Manager. This is an application which seamlessly syncs files to the laptop. Due to the visual interface, you can easily preview and edit the images in addition to managing the collection of photos. The app runs well on Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10.

Syncios Manager

#Step 1: If you don’t have Syncios Manager, then you need to download and thereby install the application. Later, you have to connect the iPhone to the system.

#Step 3: Under ‘My Devices’, click on ‘Photos’ and choose the snaps you need to backup.

#Step 4: Finally, click ‘Export’ and decide the path where the images have to stored.

On a concluding note, we would like you to try out these ways on how to download pictures from iPhone to laptop. Do get back to us if you have found a trick apart from the methods mentioned above.

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