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7 Ways on How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

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With the ransomware attack in May 2017, protecting your PC is the need of the hour. So, here are some ways you should implement to secure the PC and thereby prevent data encryption. It’s better to be early rather than paying a ransom for getting back the information.

how to prevent ransomware attack 1

Step 1: Select ‘System Preferences’ present at the topmost left hand side of the screen.

System and Preferences

Step 2: Next, select ‘Security & Privacy’ from the window and later go about clicking the lock symbol (present at bottom left hand side corner of the ‘Security & Privacy’ window).


Step 3: Click the ‘Advanced’ option and check the box ‘Disable remote control infrared receiver’.


Step 4: Confirm the action by clicking on the ‘OK’ button.

#Precaution 5: Limit Access Privileges

In case you don’t need administrator rights for your daily tasks, then create an account with limited access. You would then be enhancing security when you have to controls in your hands. Never stay logged in as admin more than it’s necessary. Avoid surfing the web, opening documents or indulging in some other activities. You should do such tasks only with the limited account.

#Precaution 6: Apply Latest Security Patches

Malware often rely on outdated applications that have bugs in them. So, to avoid the dreadful situation, make sure you have applied security patches. This tip would restrict the attacker for infecting the PC with the malicious virus.

#Precaution 7: Enable File Extensions

In many scenarios, ransomware deceives you through an executable (.exe) file. You might view a file with double extensions (.pdf.exe could be an example). So, it’s better to tick the option that displays the extension. With this feature, you would be able to recognize the suspicious files and delete it immediately before you are caught into serious trouble.

Hope you have enjoyed learning the ways for protecting the system. If you have any other way, do feel free to share.

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