Best iOS Launcher | 7 Best IOS Launchers For Android Devices

Best iOS Launcher | 7 Best IOS Launchers For Android Devices

Best iOS Launcher – It’s not really bad to want to have your phone look like an iPhone so the idea of IOS launchers. We’ve got a short trustworthy list of the best IOS launchers for you to give your device an iPhone look.

Do note that these IOS launchers won’t improve your device in any way but just give it an IOS device look. In fact, it might slow it down to an extent especially if you’ve got a slow or small capacity device.

Another thing you might want to note is that there are very few or no launchers for iPhone unlike Androids or any other OS. So if you use an IOS device, you are literarily stuck with one layout or design.

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The 7 Best IOS Launchers

Launcher iPhone

When it comes to stability and functionality, you would be wise to go for this IOS launcher. It basically clones everything on an iPhone interface from effects to icons and so much more.

By default on installing this launcher, it will scatter your apps all over your smartphone’s screen which you could customize to your likeness if you want. It is by far the most well-reviewed launcher among users for how it literally copies and pastes iPhones look to any other device it is downloaded to.

Phone 11 Launcher

Looking for an IOS 11 interface on your smartphone? something that doesn’t just take the IOS 11 UI, but its wallpapers and screen arrangement. Do you like how the iPhone X looks like but you can’t get it due to one reason or the other?

Look no further, as this is the perfect IOS launcher fix for you at least till you can get an iPhone. The Phone 11 launcher brings almost every feature from the IOS 11 to any other smartphone it launched to.

Its wallpapers, full interface, search bar, new notifications settings, and so on. With this launcher, you’d be really using an iPhone X apart from your smartphone’s external looks.

IOS 12   Launcher

When downloading or testing out a new IOS launcher, I tend to go for something specific. I’d prefer to go for a launcher that looks like IOS 10 or IOS 11 rather than one that has a unique name and I know nothing about. That way I know what to expect from the launcher, but this trick doesn’t always work in all cases, that’s why this list.

Back to the topic, IOS 12 launcher is all about the IOS 12. It brings the IOS 12 screens, interface and beautiful wallpapers to any smartphone on which it launched on.

A control center with all the settings and app icons, weather information, favorite contacts, calendar, themes and so many more features from the IOS 12 is what this launcher offers.  It also does this thing where it smartly arranges apps according to their functions.

iLauncher – OS

What makes an IOS launcher perfect is its ability to figuratively copy and paste an iPhone look to any other smartphone. That’s just the thing with this IOS launcher.

This launcher will change that Android look your smartphone has and give it a new and smart IOS look. There are almost no bad reports while using this IOS launcher unless you’ve got an old device with very low capabilities.

Although, iLauncher is free to use, it’s got some neat tricks behind those paid plans you surely want to get.

Control Panel

If there is one thing about the IOS devices screen I have always liked, it would be that last one where all the settings are with the light icon and so on. That screen really looks cool and smart with all the icons categorized here and there.

How would you like this on your non-iPhone device? This IOS launcher basically brings the control screen/center on the iPhone to your Android device.

The screen will contain Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Torch, silent mode, night mode toggles and so much more alongside apps like calculator, browser, camera, and so on. I think Android devices need to work on having a control screen.

Espier Launcher

Another very prominent IOS launcher especially on Android devices. You could say this launcher would increase the effectiveness of your home screen thereby increasing its responsiveness.

There is no room for lagging while using this launcher as it tends to make your home screen more neat and effective as an iPhone. It also has Improved customization tools to help you edit how you would like your Android device screen to look like.

One of the vital features about Espier is the lots of widgets you can create while using this launcher. 8 is more than the amount you can create on most iPhones and this limit is a way to not cause lagging on your device or slow it down in any way.

Launcher IOS 13

Earlier on this list, I reviewed a launcher that brings the IOS 11 screen to Android devices smoothly in the Phone 11 Launcher. Just like the Phone 11 Launcher, the Launcher IOS 13 brings most features you can see on iPhones that run on IOS 13 to any other smartphone.

Almost everything from widget creation to icon changing and even the well-appreciated light and dark mode the IOS 13 and Android 10 very much have in common. If you like the way that iPhone 11 screen looks, why don’t you download this IOS launcher and experience what a real iPhone tastes like?

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