Body Wash Face-Off: Old Spice Swagger v Dial NutriSkin Cherry Seed Oil & Mint

Shaun, aka Tech Guy, aka my boyfriend, is here with a different must-read “masculine” review. He’s twenty-seven years old with skin that usually comes dry and no more acne (I’m jealous!). Lately, he smells a lot like a common man. It’s the “man” scent that I use to identify shower gels for men today.

Body Wash Face Off: Old Spice Swagger vs. Dial NutriSkin Cherry Seed Oil & Mint
Body Wash Face Off: Old Spice Swagger vs. Dial NutriSkin Cherry Seed Oil & Mint

Shaun enjoys long walks on the beach, lousing on chairs watching movies about chicks, and cuddling Mellan. Or maybe not! He handles all the behind-the-scenes action here at Temptalia, from tech support to server woes to being my shoulder to crying.

So this will be the most epic stalemate in the history of epic stalemates. In one corner, we have the masculine and slightly insecure Old Spice Swagger Shower Gel ($4.49 for 12 oz.) And in the other corner, we have the pinkest color in Dial Cherry Seed Oil & Mint Body Wash ($5.49 for 16 oz. .).

Dial-ups may have historical settings in this category. The overall name of this product is as follows: Dial Nutriskin with Fruit Oil Ultra Hydrating Body Wash Cherry Seed Oil & Mint. About three of those words mean to me and one of them is “&” Old Spice, on the other hand, is much more mundane: Old Spice Swagger Body Wash. I like to look at my stomach frustratedly and wonder why there isn’t a six-pack ab there.

Dial: A Bronze Star
Old Spice: A Silver Star
Old Spice’s packaging again uses a handle on the side that you never hold into the bottle while in use, and it also has a gray dot in the middle of the mostly red packaging. I was staring at this dot for an hour… WHY DO YOU HAVE IT? WHAT ARE YOUR WEAKNESSES?! YOU SHOULDN’T EXIST !!! On my bottle, the label is not smooth on the bottle. There was a wrinkle on it and it made me mad, so it was -1 point already. Dial’s packaging shape is curved and very feminine. I like labels with liquids and cherries. DON’T HOLD ON TO ME! It has no handle on the bottle and is very slippery when wet.

Dial: 4/5 points
Old Spice: 3/5
I’m tired of beating this horse to death for male shower gel and the general scent of men’s products, but it smells nothing but the general male smell! @$I wish I had a better description. On the other hand, the dial has a fairly synthetic smell. It’s like someone in the lab studies out what they think cherries smell like and throws it in a bottle. I don’t smell mint from it. Both are beautifully foaming, but Old Spice’s bottles seem easier to use due to their “masculine” taps.

Dial: B-
Old spices: B
Today, you expect to find a declaration of independence on the back of every bottle of anything, but in this case, Old Spice actually has a significant number of ingredients in its shower gel. Dial, on the other hand, has a list of components that obscure the duration of the last Harry Potter book. Interestingly, the dial has to use very small font size to fit the list on the bottle, while Old Spice actually uses an easy-to-read font size without a magnifying glass.

Dial: Two thumbs down
Old Spice: A thumbs-up, a thumbs-up that turns its head sideways
Old Spice: 71%
Recommendation: I really wouldn’t recommend either of these, although both are usable, but I’m going back to my Celebrate Love Shower Gel.

What do you think?

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