How to cancel a Green Dot credit card?

Green Dot offers a variety of secured credit cards along with prepaid cards that you can use just like credit cards. While these cards can give you convenience even if you have poor credit, they also come with many fees that can convince you to cancel if you don’t use enough cards or if you’ve found another option. The process of cancelling your Green Dot card will depend on whether you have a prepaid card or secured credit card, and you have some considerations to think about before closing either card.

How Do I Cancel My Green Dot Credit Card?
How Do I Cancel My Green Dot Credit Card?

Prepaid green dot card

If you want to completely cancel the prepaid Green Dot card, you first need to spend all the money in your card. You can do this through regular purchases, online bill payments, money transfers, paper checks, or ATM transactions. However, be aware that any different withdrawal fees will still apply.

Green Dot notes that your account will close without taking any further action after the balance reaches zero, but you can also submit a request to Green Dot for sure. You can do this through the “Close Tags” option on the “Security” tab on the Green Dot port. Otherwise, you can call their customer service hotline at 866-795-7597, provide some information to verify yourself and then talk to a representative in person.
When you want to cancel your Green Dot card due to security issues such as fraud or card loss, you can find the option to report the problem on the “Security” tab as well as through the phone system. However, Green Dot will allow you to receive a new card sent to you instead of closing your account altogether. Usually, you will have to pay a fee to receive the replacement card. Keep in mind that you will only be able to continue using your account in the meantime if the card is linked to a service like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Guaranteed Green Dot credit card

If you want to cancel a regular secured credit card through Green Dot, you should first pay off the balance you have on the card to make sure you can get your deposit back when closing the account. You should also consider the potential impact that canceling a Green Dot credit card can have on your credit score. For example, your credit score may drop if you are closing an older account or if closing the account affects your credit utilization rate.

When you’re ready to cancel the card, you’ll need to call the customer service number on the back of the card as this number may vary depending on the Green Dot card you have. For example, you’ll call 866-291-0818 if you have a Green Dot Platinum Visa. The system will ask for your card number or Social Security number along with your date of birth to look up your account.

Follow the prompt to get help from a direct representative about canceling your card. For prepaid cards, you can cancel the old card and get the replacement card if you have security issues. Otherwise, the representative will close your card and tell you when you can get your deposit back.

What will happen after cancellation?

After Green Dot cancels your card, you can cut the card because you will no longer be able to use the card. If you have requested a replacement card for the card that has been cancelled due to security issues, you will usually receive that card within a few weeks and will need to activate the card for use.
Make sure to check if you’ve set up your canceled card to pay your bills automatically for utilities, subscriptions, and other services. In that case, you’ll want to update your payment information to avoid problems with missed payments or service interruptions.

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