How to Delete (Deactivate) Kik Account Permanently

How to Delete (Deactivate) Kik Account Permanently

Kik Messenger was launched in 2010. This free messaging service got so popular that within 15 days of its launch it had 1 million users. This is a wonderful app and by using it you can send a text message, video, picture and a recording to your friend and family.

However, this app is only available for Android and iOS devices. If you own a Smartphone then you can easily use this app. In case you do not have a Smartphone you can also download this app on your computer.

If you are not interested in using  this Messenger app then you can delete kik account easily. Read on this article to know how to delete kik account easily.

Delete Kik Account

How to Delete a Kik Account (Few Methods)

In case you do not get a good experience with this service or you just got bored then it is very simple to close kik account.

Permanent Deletion of Your Kik Account

If you permanently delete your Kik account then you are more likely to lose access to your user name, friend details and chat data.

Moreover, once you have deleted your account you will not be able to register with the same user name. However, this might be a good thing from the security point of view.

How to Delete Kik Account on a Mobile Device?

First of all, you need to open the app on your device. After this, you are required to select your account and then log out. Once you enter your email you will receive an email from Kik. Now you have to click on the Deactivate link in that email. Just give a reason for deactivation of the Kik account and click on Go.

Deactivation of Kik Account


In order to deactivate your Kik account, you need to ensure that you have access to the email which you had registered to your account. In case you have forgotten the email address linked to your Kik account you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First of all open the Kik app
  • Now you need to the setting menu by tapping the gear icon. You will find this gear icon on the top right.
  • You also need to tap on “Your Account”.
  • Once you reach here you will see your name, email and user name.

You can also delete your Kik account by visiting the deactivation page at On this page, you will see an image where you need to enter your Kik e-mail address. After this, you need to click o the “Go” button.

What Does Deactivating your Kik Account Means?

  • You will not longer receive messages or emails
  • You will not be able to search your user name anywhere
  • Your name will also be deleted from the Kik contacts list of people

Things to Know While Deleting your Kik Account

As a matter of fact, publicly visible images or texts are often not deleted in a proper manner even if you are able to delete your account. You can try to delete them manually before deleting the account.

If you want to know about your tracks you can always visit the terms of service or the privacy policy. The fact is that the request related to deletion does not mean that your data will be deleted.

In case you signed up for Kik using a login from the third party like Facebook or Twitter then you need to remove all the third party logins.

In case if someone you know has tried to search for your account from a phone it will result in the caching of your profile on the device. This simply means that it will take some days for your profile to completely disappear from the phone.

Moreover, any new contacts that will search your user name would not be able to track your account. The good news for you is that you can always reactivate your account by just signing back in. You can always reset your password if you are not able to remember it.


The above-mentioned processes will work for both Smartphone and PC in a fine manner. This is the complete guide of how to delete Kik account. The best part of using this process is that it just takes five minutes in its completion.

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