How to Re-post on Instagram (IG) Using Android and iOs Devices

How to Re-post on Instagram (IG) Using Android and iOs Devices

Re-posting on Instagram could just be a way to enhance your online presence. You would be helping yourself reach out to your followers with what you are up to. It could either be a conference or the time when you need to showcase a testimonial. So, here are some steps on how to report on Instagram (IG).

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Precaution: Even before you go about with such a kind of task, seek the permission from the individual who has originally posted the content.

In order to do what we have said earlier, follow the steps as below.

  • Message the poster directly through Instagram.
  • Comment on the photo to initiate the conversation.
  • Connect with him via. an email requesting him or her for permission.

How to Reshare on Instagram – Explained in Detail For Android and iOS

Try Buffer

When it comes to “how to repost on insta”, it is worth to give a try to Buffer. Below are few steps you can follow;

#Step 1: Locate the photo you need to reshare. After opening Instagram, browse through the posts and comment in a polite way for the person’s permission.

#Step 2: If you are working with iOS, then tap on the icon and select ‘Share’. Later, tap ‘Copy Link’. For Android users, tap on the ‘Copy Share URL’ option.

Buffer to Repost on Insta

#Step 3: Open ‘Buffer’ and wait for the app to recognize the link saved to Clipboard. Soon, you would be prompted with message asking if you are sure to repost the image on the respective account.

#Step 4: If required, make the necessary edits and schedule the time for reposting. Add credit to the image with ‘@username’. Later, select the essential profiles to make sure you share it to the right destination.

#Step 5: Finally, the image would get reposted. If you have pre-decided the time, then Buffer would notify through a reminder and ask for your confirmation.

Try Reposting the Image on Instagram Manually

Yet another solution on how to reshare on Instagram could be by doing the task all by yourself.

Step 1: Initially, take a screenshot of the photo.

Step 2: Tap on the Camera Icon in Instagram and thereafter upload the screenshot.

Manual Reposting on Instagram

Step 3: Resize the image only if it’s required. You can achieve this by the editing functionality, ‘Crop’.

Step 4: Finally, add a caption and remember to mention the name of the original poster. Tag the account using the Instagram handle. You can simply type the account name preceded by the ‘@’. It’s something like ‘@buffer’ in this case.

Manual Resharing on Instagram

NOTE: It is mandatory to give credit to one who has previously posted the image. If you fail to do so, then there are high chances of Instagram account getting banned.

Try Regram App

Regram app offers the best way to repost on Insta.

NOTE: This method is applicable to both Android and iOS users.

Step 1: First and foremost, download the app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app drawer and tap ‘Repost App’. Later, dive into the application by keying in the Instagram credentials.

Step 3: Select the image and click the repost option as shown in the image below. You’re then done with the task.

So, now that you have learnt how to repost on IG (Instagram) could share the information with your friends and request them to try it out.

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