How to Take a Screenshot on an iMac,Windows, Android Os & iOs?

How to Take a Screenshot on an iMac,Windows, Android Os & iOs?

Struggling to present visual examples effectively? Then, the best option could be through screenshots. Here’s a step by step guide on how to take a screenshot on an iMac, Windows, Android and iOS.

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How to Take a Screenshot on iMac Using Shortcut Keys?

It’s pretty simple to capture the screen on iMac. The only thing you need to know are the shortcut keys. There’s nothing better than this technique when you thinking about how to take a screenshot on an iMac.

  1. Hold down ‘Command + Control + Shift + 3’ for a few seconds.
  2. Go to the destination where you need to store the image. It could either be a presentation or an email.
  3. Next, hold down ‘Command + V’ for pasting the image.

In case you need to take a shot of a particular region, then hold down ‘command + control + shift + 4’. Move your cursor, to select the area and then follow ‘command + V’ to paste the image.

3 Tips to Take Screenshots on Windows 10

There are several ways in which you can take a screenshot in Windows 10.

1. Use the Print Screen (PrtScn) Option

The Print Screen key enables you to take a screenshot in the fastest way. Once you have captured the screen, you can save the image on the disk. Depending on the keyboard you are using, the key is denoted by ‘PrtScn’,’Print Scr’ or ‘PrntScrn’. On most of the computers, the key is present between ‘Scroll Lock’ and ‘F12’. But, for laptops you would probably have to press the ‘Fn’ key to gain access to the function.

Once you press the key, the brightness of the screen would fade away for a moment. In case you are using a tablet running on Windows, then you need to press ‘Logo Button + Volume down’ buttons together in one go. By default, the file gets stored in ‘Screenshots’ which is sub folder of ‘Pictures’.

If you want to save the image somewhere else, then after you have pressed ‘PrtScn’ select the option ‘Choose Edit > Paste’ to copy it from the clipboard.

For capturing a particular area of a window, press ‘Alt + PrtScn’. Windows which are opened at that point of time would be captured and you can further paste it onto the document editor.

2. Use the Snipping Tool

Since the release of Windows Vista, the snipping tool has helped to take screenshots as per your convenience.

After you have clicked on the ‘Snipping tool’ go ahead with the ‘New ‘option. The screen would soon become dim and you would have to select the area. In Windows 10, the ‘Delay’ option could be selected just in case you want to take the screenshot after a few seconds.

Snipping Tool

3. Use ‘Snagit’


Snagit in a third-party tool used for taking screenshots within seconds. Well, unlike others, Snagit needs to be purchased from the development company. But, the best part of the tool is that it helps you to capture web pages which have to be scrolled up or down. Moreover, it enables you to take short duration videos and highlight details through shapes and arrows. If you would like to know more how Snagit actually works, then you could opt for a free trial.

How to Take a Screenshot on an Android OS?

When you are using an Android smartphone, then you should press the POWER BUTTON and VOLUME DOWN BUTTON together for a few seconds. If this kind of feature is not available with the cell phone, then you should press the ‘POWER BUTTON’ and hold till you view the power interface. Later, tap on CAPTURE SCREENSHOT’ or ‘TAKE SCREENSHOT’.

NOTE:  Nowadays, with some communication devices, gestures also help you to take screenshots smartly. It could either be a swipe with the edge of your hand or with your fingers.

How to Take a Screenshot in iOs?

Regardless of whether the iPhone / iPod is locked or unlocked, you don’t need to install any app for a screenshot. Holding the HOME button along with the POWER button just once would serve the purpose. The screen would flash for a second and the image would get automatically stored in the Photo Gallery.

Later, you can connect the device to your computer and download the image.

Hope you now get simple tricks on how to take a screenshot on an iMac, Windows, android and iOs devices. If there’s something else to add, then do let us know.

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