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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

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If you love listening to soundtracks on an iPad or an iPhone, then you should know that the collection is inside iTunes. But, for those who are planning to go for Android OS, a way should be found to get hold of the experience. Quite obvious, when there’s a difference between iOS and Android, you won’t get iTunes developed by Apple Inc. You have to actually stream digital files from iTunes to the Android operating system. So, here are some methods we’ve thought about just for you.


How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android – Five Solutions

Drag and Drop Method

Though system configuration differs, the old fashioned method of dragging and dropping files still works well when you need to transfer music from iTunes to Android. Just connect the systems with an USB cable. If you are using Macintosh, then ensure that an Android File Transfer app is installed.

Locate the folder through the path Music > iTunes > iTunes Media on Mac OS. For Windows, the path is recognized as ‘My Music > iTunes’.

In case you have Android plugged in, then you can comfortably drag and drop the digital content.

Sync Files Wirelessly through AirDroid

Air Droid

If you want to save the time while connecting devices, then you can go through a wireless transfer by using AirDroid. Simply, select the music files and receive them at the specified location with the help of the app. For transfers of a few bytes, you can avail the free version of AirDroid. But, if it’s something like a 1GB transfer then you have to upgrade to Premium version tagged at $1.99/ month. AriDroid would surely be your choice when you think about how to transfer songs from iTunes to Android.

Use DoubleTwist


Appearing like iTunes, DoubleTwist arguably provides the best way to interface between Android and iTunes. The app can be downloaded easily from the play store and comes with another app to move music effortlessly. With a wired connection, your device should support the storage mode.

You can get the task done by either of the two ways

  • Select the tracks that need to be copied and drag them to the sidebar. Later, drop them on the device.
  • Use ‘settings’ to synchronize music compositions and the playlists you desire to transfer.

Once you realize that you have an end to end solution in your hands, you would commend the beauty of DoubleTwist.



The fastest way of file transfer can be observed with Isyncr. Simply, install the Android App, get hold of the companion app and go about establishing a connection with a USB cable. You can also enter the IP address if you want the transfer to occur over the internet. Once the Android app and the desktop companion sync, iTunes library gets automatically scanned. You then have to make a choice on what needs to be transferred as it begins automatically at the next step. Results are great even though you need to handle an interface that’s not user friendly.

Use Google Play Music

Google Play Music

You would surely love this app when you are bothered about how to transfer iTunes music to Android. But, the downside is that it stores data on cloud. It syncs the iTune library seamlessly and gives you ample space to store 20,000 songs. Google Play Music doesn’t follow the drag and drop feature. Digital content gets stored on cloud and once left unattended rest of the business is taken care of. Music can be easily accessed from enabled devices even when they are at a distance. You can also avail options to control what you wish to upload and be prudent enough about the playlists that need to be sent to cloud.

So, here’s what we have thought about to make file transfers simpler. Feel free to share tricks you may come across while you try different ways for transferring files.

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