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How to Turn Off or Disable Smartscreen Filter on Windows 8 &10

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A SmartScreen filter is nothing but a tool that helps Windows to scan applications, downloads, sites, and dangerous content automatically. At any instance, you should know how the feature needs to be disabled. So, in order to help you out, we have compiled some steps on how to turn off smartscreen filter that you must follow for Windows 10 and 8.


How to Turn Off/Disable Smartscreen Filter on Windows 8 and 10 – Here are Simple Tricks

Steps to Disable Smartscreen Filter on Windows 10 OS

With Windows 10’s Creators Update, SmartScreen settings can easily be found in the Windows Defender Security interface.

Step 1: Open ‘Windows Defender Security Center’ shortcut from the ‘Start’ menu.
Windows 10 Start Menu

Step 2: Click ‘App & browser control’ which is situated in Window Defender’s sidebar.

Step 3: You now need to select the right option for Windows smartscreen filter. If you want to block unknown applications, then select ‘Block’ while you can be notified with a warning from the ‘Warn’ option. To disable windows smartscreen, opt for ‘Off’.  All these options could be found under the ‘Check Apps and files’ section. So, by switching between the options, you can view a warning or block the app if you are hearing it for the first time.
Windows Defender Security Center

Yet another section that helps you gain control over Smartscreen filters is nothing but ‘SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge’. Additionally, through the options provided in the ‘SmartScreen for Windows Store apps’ you can protect the device by checking web content. The ‘warn’ option notifies if you’re downloading a malicious app.
Windows Defender Security Center 1

Steps to Turn Off Smartscreen Filter on Windows 8

Step 1: Go to ‘Control Panel’ and navigate to ‘System and Security >> Action Center’.

Step 2: Under the ‘Security’ section, you can easily select ‘Change Settings’ which comes under the ‘Windows SmartScreen’.

Step 3: Once a small window pops up, you can select any of the options as below or simply decide to turn off smartscreen filter

  • For fetching approval before executing any program – select ‘Get Administrator approval before running a recognized app..’
  • For notifying you before running an unrecognized app – select ‘Warn before running an unrecognized app, but don’t require administrator approval’.
  • To turn off the SmartScreen feature – select ‘Don’t do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen)’.

Windows Smart Screen

Disabling the SmartScreen filter is never recommended. Remember don’t perform the task for any rhyme or reason. Remember you have to protect the system from malicious virus and downloaded apps.

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