How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Factory Reset & Data Loss?

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Factory Reset & Data Loss?

It is quite annoying when you forget the lock pattern of your Android phone. In fact, you are unfortunate enough to access the smartphone. So, here are some ways on how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset that would effectively bring you back into the gadget. With any one of these options, you would never think about a factory reset. You would be doing everything without any data loss.

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How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Factory Reset – 4 Solutions You Can Try

Use Android Device Manager

If you have a smartphone with the latest version of Android OS, then you should avail the services of Android Device Manager. As long as you have signed into your Google account, nothing would come in your way while accessing the tool.

#Step 1: Visit from your PC or from any other cell phone.

#Step 2: Sign in using the Google credentials. Remember, use only those details which you have been using with the locked phone.

#Step 3: Select ‘Lock’ and enter a temporary password. Later click ‘Lock’ once again.

#Step 4: If you succeed, then a confirmation box with the buttons ‘Ring, Lock and Erase’ would soon appear on the screen.

#Step 5: You would then have to key in the temporary password in the ‘Password’ field clearly visible on the touchscreen.

#Step 6: Before you get busy with the device, navigate to ‘Settings’ and disable the ‘Temporary Password’ option.

New Lock Screen

There’s yet another solution on how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset. You could do it through Google login credentials. It just takes two steps to overcome the frustrating situation.

#Step 1: Enter a lock pattern five times in one go. Don’t be eager to try out combinations if you actually aren’t sure of the right pattern.

#Step 2: Select ‘Forgot Pattern’ and enter Google account login or the backup PIN.

Forgot Pattern

Backup Pin

You are then ready to use the smartphone for whatever purpose it might be.

Use ‘Find My Mobile Tool’ (Only for Samsung Mobile Users)

Unlocking would become better only if you have a Samsung account and have already registered well before time.

#Step 1: Visit the URL:

#Step 2: Sign in with the help of the respective login details.

#Step 3: Towards the left hand side of the ‘Find My Mobile’ interface, you would view a mobile number. This shows that the number is registered with the account.

#Step 4: Select ‘Unlock my screen’, the option present on the left sidebar.

#Step 5: Wait for some time, for the process to complete.

#Step 6: Once done, you would be notified with a message that the screen is unlocked.


Use ‘Pattern Password Disable’ & ‘Custom Recovery’

If you can work on Android at an advanced level, then you should surely try this technique. Here’s what you need to follow.

#Step 1: Download the ‘Pattern-Password-disable’ zip file from the link mentioned below.

#Step 2: Copy the file on the SD card and later insert the storage medium into the cell phone.

#Step 3: Restart your device in Recovery mode.

#Step 4: Flash the stored ZIP file and reboot the cell phone once again.

#Step 5: You would then be able to access the device without a locked screen. In case you are prompted with a password, then entering anything at random should actually work.

Use ‘Screen Lock Bypass’

Screen Lock Bypass is nothing but an app which helps you break into the phone without a factory reset. Though you would have to pay, the app just works fine and helps you bypass the locked screen.

#Step 1: Go to ‘Google Play Store’ and install the app. You would be using your personal computer for download and its installation.

#Step 2: Once installed, ignore all the options displayed by the device and move ahead.

#Step 3: If it works, then the app would bypass the screen directly. Later, navigate to ‘settings’ and change the pattern immediately.

#Step 4: Except the Google account, remove all accounts and head for the ‘Manage Applications’ options.

#Step 5: Uninstall the app once you are sure that the phone is working fine.

#Step 6: Lastly, unlock the phone with your Gmail account credentials.

So, here’s what we have for you. None of these options would lead to data loss and a big risk. Do share the information with your mates so that they can save themselves from the dreadful situation.

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