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Simple Methods to Upload Pictures To Snapchat for Android and iOs

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Snapchat is the most popularly used messaging social platform specifically developed for devices running on Android and iOS. You can share moments with your mates easily. Besides, you can send a video of what you are currently doing. But, apart from everything, you can upload snaps from your HD camera. Below, are the steps you need to follow to upload pictures to Snapchat for both android and iOs devices.

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Easy Ways on How to Upload Pictures to Snapchat

Two Methods For Android Operating System

When the 2016 update was released, the chat 2.0 feature was introduced in Snapchat. This helped the user to upload pictures to Snapchat in addition to sending text messages.

Method 1

In order to upload pictures, you need to follow a few steps.

#Step 1: Firstly, select the photos by visiting the gallery of your communication device.

#Step 2: Tap the ‘Share’ icon and choose Snapchat. If you can’t view Snapchat, then scroll down and tap ‘More’, denoted by three dots.

Snapchat Screen 1

#Step 3: After editing the photo, select the individuals in the contact list and later tap ‘Send’.

Snapchat Screen 2

Soon, they would be able to see the photos in the Chat inbox.

Method 2

#Step 1: Simply open Snapchat by tapping the icon.

#Step 2: Select the individual to whom you need to send the image.

#Step 3: Select the photo through the option as shown below and hit ‘Send’.

Snapchat Screen 3

Uploading from Android’s Gallery to Snapchat

When you are using an Android smartphone, then the best of all the apps is Casper. Since Casper is not available on the Play Store, you have to download the installable (,apk) file from a separate link.

#Step 1: After installing the app, log out from your Snapchat account.

#Step 2: Open Casper and log in with the same credentials you are presently using for Snapchat. A similar kind of interface would open, except that you would not have a screen with the option for clicking photos.

#Step 3: Upload the desired image and select multiple contacts to whom you wish to send. In this manner, you would upload pictures from gallery to Snapchat.

#Step 4: Log out from Casper and once again log into Snapchat. You would then observe that the photograph is visible in the ‘Your Story’ Section.

Steps For Devices Running on iOS

There’s never an easy way to upload images when it comes to doing the task with iPhones. Besides, third party apps haven’t yet served better to perform the task.

Here are the steps you should follow

#Step 1: Initially, you need to acquire root access by jailbreaking the iPhone.

#Step 2: Install the third party plug-in, Phantom through Cydia. Once installed, it gets integrated with Snapchat and permits you to do a whole lot of things.

#Step 3: Open the app and upload photographs through the button just next to the one used for clicking a snap.

Snapchat Screen 4

Finally, you can be smart enough to try out a shortcut. Simply, open the digital file on any other device and capture it once again by using the Snapchat camera. Later, share it with your buddies just as we have described above.

Hope you find these ways on how to upload pictures to snapchat useful. If yes, then share it with your friends on social media.

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