The best Hair serums for any concerns about your hair

Hair serums may be the ultimate secret weapon against a bad hair day. Even if you’re a beauty minimalist, your skincare routine may include cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. However, your hair – which requires as much love and tender care as your skin – may only reap the benefits of your standard shampooing and hair care regimen. But why stop there? According to stylists, the best way to help hair reach its fullest and healthiest is to add a hair serum to the mixture.

The Very Best Serums for Whatever Your Hair Concern Is
The Very Best Serums for Whatever Your Hair Concern Is

What is a hair serum?

Hair serums are similar to lotions in that they provide high levels of nourishing active ingredients, which means you’ll get a lot of hair every time you apply it. And just like your skin, you’ll want to choose a serum based on your concerns. Natalie Palomino, hairstylist and founder of North Authentic, said: “Hair serum is often used to attack a particular problem, such as damage and fractures, scalp problems or puffiness.” “Depending on your specific hair concerns, incorporating a hair serum as the first step in the hairstyling process can have a significant impact on hair health and the results you see during styling.”

To choose the right serum for your hair strands, Palomino suggests first determining your hair type. As a general rule, the thicker your hair, the heavier your serum, because “using too heavy or too light hair serum for your hair can significantly affect your hair styling results,” she says. Next, she recommends identifying the main problem or two issues you want the hair serum to aim for — whether it’s more hair growth, damage repair, hard curly resistance, or something else entirely. She said: “Once you identify your hair type and concerns, it’s much simpler for you to find the right hair serum for your hair care routine.

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