The difference between ICT and IT

While IT stands for “information technology,” ICT stands for “information and communication technology.” One of the acronyms has a “C” while the other doesn’t, and the C, which represents communication, is the whole difference between IT and ICT. While these two technology-oriented fields share a lot of common content, the differences between IT and ICT are far more subtle than their many similarities. Start with the understanding of IT as your foundation, as ICT is an extension of IT.

The Difference Between IT & ICT

Information technology, or IT, is all about collecting, processing and sharing – waiting – information. The IT sector mainly refers to the methods and tools used in the aforementioned collection, processing, and sharing. These methods and tools include encryption and programming, data conversion, means of storage and retrieval, analysis, and system design, among others.

When someone says they work in IT, they’re marking a broad field that could cover a variety of professions, including network administration, computer support, computer science, system analytics, programming, and more. In modern usage, IT often refers specifically to the information technology that helps businesses operate and connect such as internal servers, web marketing, and business software that IT professionals work to develop and maintain.

ICT vs. IT: Definition of ICT
As an extension of information technology, the field of information communication technology covers everything that IT covers but expands its scope. When dealing with ICT, computer science plays an equally important role in collecting, processing, and sharing data.

ICT places an immediate emphasis on connected communication technologies. The field focuses on communication technology that connects the IT world, especially telecommunications. In the 21st century, ICT is particularly focused on how wireless and internet signals promote communication and enable data transfer.

Deeper into the difference.
In general, IT refers to local information technologies, such as the world of private enterprise servers and custom information infrastructure that helps corporations and governments function technologically. In contrast, ICT’s technology is more expansive, with a greater focus on outreach, community building, and a desire to explore the ways in which telecommunications can enrich society. At the macro level, imagine IT as a collection of inactive devices in your home, providing heat escape holes and faucets inside the home, while ICT is the collection of electrical and water pipes and wires into the home.

However, there is no need to evaluate yourself if you don’t find the difference between IT and ICT right away, as the labels include certain subjective properties. Don’t be surprised if you’ve heard that IT and ICT are used interchangeably regularly, especially as the business world moves into an always-online state. It is no exaggeration that ICT is inclined towards telecommunications to become the new norm or new word for information technology in general.

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