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Top things to do in Positano

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Top things to do in Positano

Positano is located alongside the Amalfi coastline. It is situated along the southernmost part of the country. there are a lot of places that people can visit while in Positano. A renowned tourist spots for individuals across Europe as well as all over the world. Below are some of the most amazing things that one can do while touring Positano.
top things to do in positano
There are very few black sand beaches across the world. Spagio Grande Beach is one amongst all the other black sand beaches. It is one of the prime attractions for tourists visiting the place. There are several hotels alongside this beach providing different varieties of food as well as warm beds to have food with the convenience of viewing the waves hitting the shores.
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Restaurants along the coastlines are known to provide different varieties of dishes that will surely make your trip quite special.
Church of PositanoSanta Maria Assunta Positano Church): The Church in Positano is one of the oldest in the town. There is a unique story linked to this place. It is said that several years ago a band of pirates kidnapped a virgin woman residing in the city. Once the ship crossed the coastal shores, the pirates started hearing a strange voice stating to leave the girl back. The pirates started trembling and got back to the shores of Positano to leave the girl. The Church is said to be built as a remembrance to that lady.
Colina Positano bakery: The bakery has a wide variety of delicacies that one must not miss when in Positano. It is a must place to visit after roaming around Positano.
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Boat ride in Spagio Grande: It is one of the top things to do while in the Spagio Grande Beach in Positano. People can either rent a boat for oneself or sign in a captain as well. There is a spot during the travel that every person visiting the place must experience. One needs to swim under the water and view the cave structure. It can be entered only by swimming under the sea. An amazing experience that one must not miss while in the place.
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Art Galleries in the town: The streets of Positano has a lot of galleries along the streets. Here people can find different types of art paintings that almost look real. These paintings can also be bought. If a painting interests you, then surely go ahead and make it yours forever.
The streets of Positano is filled with a lot of shops that sell different kinds of products ranging from ceramic stuff, souvenir, paintings, wooden statues, marble statues and many more. Flower boutiques are also present along the streets of Positano. It is an amazing a place to spend your time in the morning before you plan to head to the beach in the evening.
A day trip to nearby spots like Amalfi or Capri: Lots of ferries are present along the coast of Positano and one can surely go to the destined place in no time. The boat ride along the coast gives you an amazing experience. It is available every half an hour from the coastlines of Positano to Amalfi or Capri.
Well, these are the top things to do in Positano. I hope you enjoyed the blog. Please let us know what you feel and we are open to suggestions as well. you can provide them through the below comment section.

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