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True Blue Spa There’s the Rub ($24.00 for 24 oz.) It is a bright salt with natural sea salt – it is basically a type of full-body exfoliation based on sea salt to help remove dead skin and all the fun things to bathe.

True Blue Spa There's the Rub Scrub Review & Photos
True Blue Spa There’s the Rub Scrub Review & Photos

Well, where? WITHIN DISTANCE. I’m sorry, but I found this product really, really hard to test just because I found the scent too horrible. I don’t tend to reject a product entirely based on scents – I can understand some interesting scents (chemical, synthetic, exotic, whatever), but this smell is like I’m scrubbing with household cleaners. It smelled exactly like the bathroom after my dad had finished scrubbing from floor to ceiling (when I lived at home).

Anyway, I want to get rid of that, because the scent is inherently a personal experience, so you may not see it as like a cleanser as I used to. I’ve used it three times and I really like the product. Despite being a salt-based exfoliator, it doesn’t cause too rough or discomfort to the skin. Every time I use it, I’m in the shower, so I apply it to wet skin, it’s creamy and easy to exfoliate into the skin. Sometimes exfoliating will dissolve, disperse or not allow you to really exert its effect on the skin.

It completes the work and leaves the skin soft, smooth. It only smells terrible (to me) when I’m using it. I didn’t notice any scent lingering after bathing, which is a good thing when I’m interested in scents like this. I’ve used other True Blue Spa products and I haven’t had any problems with the scent of those products, so I’m a little surprised to be here. (One of my favorite products is their Just a Minute hand exfoliator, which smells of a pleasant citrus.)

Because scents are personal, I don’t want my nose to indicate that this is just a mere scent, especially when the product works well.

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